Orbeton Stream Project Complete!

Orbeton Area Map


Maine A.T. Land Trust recently completed our project to acquire an easement over 5,774 acres of land in Madrid, Maine.  We worked with The Trust for Public Land over a period of six years to bring this project to completion.  The conservation easement is now held by the State of Maine and will ensure that these lands remain available to recreation and forest products management.

There has been a lot of items in the press about this project.  Here is an op-ed from the Sun Journal written by board member Lloyd Griscom, and here is one written by our Vice President, Peter S. McKinley.

We will be devoting significant time to creating public access areas and trails on this property, especially given that we are the conservation owners of the land just to the west.  A new Appalachian Trail side trail called “The Berry Pickers Trail” should be completed later this summer.  It will begin on this property, cross our lands, and then traverse the ridge to the summit of Saddleback Mountain.  Currently, the mountain has no access from the eastern side.  Should be a pretty exciting summer!