Significant Arctic alpine tundra communities

(1) Saddleback Mountain

(2) Mount Abraham

(3) Crocker Mountain

(4) Sugarloaf Mountain

(5) Redington Mountain

Geologic and hydrologic features

(6) Crocker Cirque

(7) Crocker Mountain Avalanche Slide

(8) Redington Pond Falls

(9) Sugarloaf Mountain Ravine

(10) Piazza Rock and Boulder Caves

(11) Orbeton Stream Gorge

(12) Cascade Stream Gorge in Sandy River PLT

Glacial kettles of statewide significance

(13) Unnamed kettle hole complex

(14) Kettle hole complex

State-designated remote ponds

(15) Eddy Pond

(16) Ledge Pond

(17) Saddleback Pond

(18) Midway Pond

Significant scenic ponds

(19) Redington Pond, Carrabassett

(20) Beal (Trout) Pond, Madrid

(21) Redington Pond, Redington

(22) Tufts Pond, Kingfield

(23) Beal (Trout) Pond, Madrid

(24) Harvey Pond, Madrid

(25) Toothaker Pond, Phillips

Old-growth Red Spruce Stands

(26) 200-year-old red spruce stand in valley

(27) 100-200-year-old red spruce forest on north side of Crocker Cirque

Compiled by Dean Bennett