LMF Board Approves Maine A.T. Land Trust as Co-Easement Holder

File photo of a Land For Maine's Future Board Meeting.
File photo of a Land For Maine’s Future Board Meeting.

At the most recent LMF board meeting, the members voted unanimously to approve the Redington Forest project structure that has been in place for the past year:  the U.S. Navy / Department of Defense will co-hold the easement with the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust, who will have stewardship responsibilities.

With this approval from the LMF board, we have surmounted a major hurdle on the road to getting the Redington Forest property conserved.  It is a little like taking a certification test – while there was never any doubt that LMF would approve, it is still something the land trust had to prepare for and be involved in to ensure that there were no issues.  We are glad to be able to proceed with the project and get it closed in the next half-year or so.  As we move towards the summer, we will have further updates on Redington.