Crockers and Redington Hike

The next Maine A.T. Land Trust hike will be on Sunday, April 17th.  The destination will  be the Crockers and Mount Redington from Caribou Valley Road.  The route we will take will follow the Appalachian Trail from CVR to South Crocker, then (North) Crocker, and then back over South Crocker to the herd path over to Mount Redington.  From there, we can either back track or take another herd path from Redington down to CVR.

This is will be a very strenuous hike and the itinerary will depend on trail conditions.  You must be in good physical shape and have experience hiking 4,000-foot mountains in New England.  We have had an early spring this year but many areas on the A.T. in Maine have continued to receive snowfall in the past few weeks (there are reports of this area receiving five inches of snow last night).  Traction aids like microspikes will probably be necessary.  Please monitor our website and social media for updates.  There is a greater than normal chance that this hike may be postponed or the route will be altered.

You must RSVP for this hike by emailing us at or by calling 207-808-2073.  Once we have a list of attendees (no more than 8) we will distribute information about meeting up, ridesharing, etc.

For those of you looking for a less strenuous hike, please see this post about a moderate hike taking place in the same area on the same day!