Kingfield Trail Town Ceremony

The Sign.
View from the celebration towards the Appalachian Trail.
Maine State Senator Tom Saviello with the group.
ATC New England Regional Director Hawk Metheny signs the proclamation with Kingfield Selectman Wade Brown.
Senator Collins’ staffer Alix Rudzinski reads a proclamation from the Senator on Kingfield becoming an A.T. community.

Congratulations to Kingfield, which recently became the fourth Appalachian Trail Community in Maine.  A celebration was held in conjunction with the Kingfield Bicentennial Celebration.  There was some great potluck food, drink and dancing.  The weather held out (for the most part) and proclamations supporting the A.T.’s importance to Maine communities along the trail were read by representatives of:

  • Senator Susan Collins
  • Senator Angus King
  • Governor Paul LePage
  • Congressman Bruce Poliquin

It was a great occasion and congratulations to Kingfield on turning 200!  You couldn’t have done it without all the great people in town.