Enduring Heights: Maine High Peaks

The Maine A.T. Land Trust had the pleasure of attending a review session for an upcoming book by John & Cynthia Orcutt, who have been fixtures in the High Peaks, both for their spectacular photos of the natural environment and for their work in the Kingfield area in the Schoolhouse Gallery.  Funded partially with tax increment financing (TIF) funds for the Unorganized Territories of Franklin County, the purpose of the book will be to illustrate the beauty of the area and raise awareness for those who may not be familiar with the High Peaks region.  The book will feature images from both the Organized and the Unorganized Territories of Franklin County through a large-format presentation of about 80 fine art nature photographs.  Also, working in partnership with the Maine Chapter of the Trust for Public Land, there will be an essay discussing conservation in the region with several supporting maps.  Maine U.S. Senator Angus King, has agreed to write the Preface.

As one of the goals is to support economic development, the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust was invited to participate from a recreational tourism standpoint.  The book should be an important tool for economic development and conservation in the region.

Thanks to the Orcutts for their hard work!  The book will be available for sale beginning in the summer.