Horizon Foundation Contributes to Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust Program

The Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust recently received a $5,000 grant in support of the Appalachian Trail Maine: Next Century program.  The program was launched in 2016 with three facets:
1. Next Century Priorities. Prioritization via GIS mapping and application of the lands along Maine’s Appalachian Trail.
2. Next Century Land Protection. New conservation projects along the A.T. in response to NPS Scaling Up Initiative.
3. Next Century Outreach: Bringing national attention – from the public, elected officials, foundations and other conservation organizations – to the Appalachian Trail in Maine.

ATMNC is well underway and expected to be completed in early 2018.

Horizon Foundation was founded in 1997 to support non-profit organizations that aspire to create and maintain sustainable, vibrant and resilient communities by

  • Enabling children and adults to lead their communities in creative, healthy and thoughtful ways;
  • Educating citizens to be good stewards of the environment;
  • Conserving land and water resources;
  • Encouraging service to others;
  • Promoting visual arts and music, and
  • Teaching appreciation of and preserving historic assets

Thanks you to Horizon Foundation!