Rangeley and Kingfield A.T. Community Celebrations

The High Peaks region recently celebrated two A.T. communities with all-day celebrations featuring games, giveaways, food, music, entertainment and more.  A.T. towns are considered assets by all that use the A.T., and many of these towns act as good friends and neighbors to the Trail.  Rangeley was designated an A.T. community in 2012 and Kingfield just last year.  The two other Maine A.T. communities are Monson and Millinocket.  Millinocket will be holding their annual Trails End Festival from September 15 to 17th.

Here are some highlights from the Rangeley Trail Town Festival on September 2nd:

Maine Appalachian Trail Twister!
Reading by “Grandma Gatewood”.
Big crowds!

And some from the Kingfield’s A.T. Community Celebration: