Summer Hikes List Posted!

The Maine A.T. Land Trust has posted our 2018 warm-weather season roster of hikes here!

Just to give you a quick rundown – we’ve selected some of our favorites on the A.T. or on official A.T. side trails throughout Maine.  Some of the spots are well-known, but we like to get people out in places they might not be familiar with or wouldn’t go to unless they had somebody take them there.  We also picked a few that are in the greater A.T. landscape but not directly connected to the trail because they are more accessible and you can get an experience of an important component of the A.T.(like a national forest area).

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel like you need more info about a hike or have any questions.  As a further incentive to get you signed up, we’ll provide lunch!  Free!