Caribou Mountain with Ladies Adventure Club of Maine

By Stacy Alvarez, LAC Member

Saturday, August 25th proved to be the perfect day for hiking Caribou Mountain.  Nine LAC adventurers with their knowledgeable guide Simon Rucker (Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust), and trail dog Callie, hiked the Caribou Trail to the summit.  The trail crossed several brooks and streams that tested our balance while we traversed over the rocks, like we were playing nature’s version hopscotch. The soundscape of the forest was alive with rush of water flowing over the rocks.  The trail climbed steadily to the summit affording us many rest stops (thankfully!) to enjoy the tranquility of the Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness.

At the summit (2850 ft.), we ate our lunches and were treated to the gorgeous sweeping views of the surrounding mountains.  Simon pointed out each by name, including Mt. Washington. We took the Mud Brook Trail back down the mountain that was indeed, at times, muddy, much to Callie’s delight!   We were awed by the many varieties and colors of mushrooms we saw along the trail, never tiring of the diversity. Every step confirmed that this was a wonderful day to be in the forest, and every laugh confirmed we were in excellent company!  We all agreed that hiking Caribou Mountain was the ideal way to end the summer.

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