White Brook Trail Reroute

The Maine A.T. Land Trust is pleased to announce that the State of Maine and the Maine Appalachian Trail Club have tentatively approved a reroute of the White Brook Trail to the summit of White Cap Mountain!  White Cap is the highest mountain in the 100 Mile Wilderness (3,654 feet).  The White Brook Trail is the most direct route but access has been difficult in recent years, and to get there you had to walk on an old logging road.  No more!  With the completion of the Gulf Hagas Whitecap project everybody has been looking to improve access to recreation in the area, and we have been able to work with landowner in order to get the trail off the road and into the woods, while creating a designated area for parking on a much-improved road.

White Cap Mountain.

The proposed reroute of the White Brook Trail will likely take place starting in the fall and in the spring.  Thank you to ExtremeTerrain for providing funds through the Clean Trail Grant program to go towards construction of the new route and some goodies for volunteers who come out to help!  We are currently raising the balance needed so please, please consider making a donation today!