An Appreciation: Tony Barrett

Longtime board member Tony Barrett, who was with the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust since its founding in 2002, recently termed off of the board of directors and will now be exploring new adventures. Tony is a former USGS employee who worked for many years as Vice President for Amoco in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Africa and the Middle East. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club and as a trail maintainer on the Appalachian Trail. He thru-hiked the A.T. in just prior to that time.

It is a challenge to summarize everything Tony did for this organization but his contributions exemplify the best kind of service that conservation and recreation organizations can hope to get from their supporters. He was happy in the field exploring a remote property in inclement weather, providing expertise from his career but also from his countless hours volunteering for MATC and others. But he was also willing to serve on committees and roll up his sleeves on less exciting tasks like strategic planning or budgets. He was diligent and scrupulous in all matters relating to the governance and direction of the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust, always placing the good of the organization in perpetuity over quick options or easy answers.

The organization was happy to provide Tony with a surprise gift of a plaque honoring his many contributions to the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust (photo above), but that is a small token of thanks in comparison for all that he has done for the A.T. in Maine. Thank you Tony!