#WEOUTSIDE Winter Edition – Dog Sledding, Guiding and Living the Outdoor Life

Meeting the dogs!
Kevin talks about dog sledding adventures in Nunavik
All about how Wabanaki people make canoes.

Despite the end of the snowy season, the #WEOUTSIDE program marched on so that these New Mainers could get the full experience of “spring” in Maine. Recently, the group was able to pay a visit to Mahoosuc Guide Service to visit with Polly, Kevin, Helen and all the amazing sled dogs that they use for guided trips during the winter. They also run Wabanaki Cultural Canoe Trips during the summer, partnering with native guides who teach participants about Wabanaki lifeways, medicinal plants, and cultural practices. They won an award at the recent Maine Outdoor Economy Summit!

We had a great day learning about all their adventures in 40 years of guiding. Alaska, Nunavik, Maine, and more. Kevin is a master craftsman and makes wooden canoes in the way of the Wabanaki. And of course there were the dogs! So many dogs, all with unique personalities and traits. One has so much energy that she runs around in circles when the kids come near. One is very nervous and stayed away! Another was even more nervous and barked when we came near (“Jiminy Cricket”). The kids fell in love with the dogs and most of their questions were based on how they might breed them for puppies they could take home.

Next adventure…Indian Island!