The Maine A.T. Land Trust’s Community Hikes program provides free guided hiking trips to the general public from May to October and then from January to March. There are typically two to three hikes per month (depending on weather) and trips are guided by trained trip leaders. The program has been enormously successful at bringing individuals to the A.T. landscape but they can fill up quickly! The limit for participants is usually 5-8 individuals. If a hike you would like to attend is currently filled up, please email us at to get on the waiting list. Summer hikes will be listed in May, winter hikes will be listed in December, so check back if you don’t see any!

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Puzzle Mountain Hike

Puzzle Mountain Trailhead 1000 Bear River Road, Newry, ME

Our first Community Hike of the summer of 2022 will be up Puzzle Mountain on Saturday, June 4th!  We will meet at 9:30am at the trailhead which is at the Grafton Loop parking lot.  The distance from the parking area to the summit is 3.6 miles and should take approximately 3 hours.  So, total hike …


West and East Baldpate Hike

Grafton Notch State Park H3Q3+W8 Newry, Maine

Our next Community Hike will be up East and West Baldpate on June 11th!  These two peaks mark the east side of Grafton Notch State Park, with the East Peak being higher (3,882 feet).  We will go for both peaks from the Grafton Notch parking lot on Route 26.  Total round trip distance will be …


Little Bigelow Mountain Hike

Little Bigelow Trailhead 4RMH+WF, ME

Our next Community Hike will take place on June 26th – we will be tackling Little Bigelow, the long, lower peak at the east end of the Bigelow Range.  This hike is approximately 6.2 miles in length and should take at least 6 hours start to finish for a trip rating of moderate.  It features …


The Horn via the Berry Picker’s Trail

Our next Community Hike on the A.T. will be up the Berry Picker's Trail to The Horn on Saturday, July 16th.  We will meet at 9am at the trailhead which is located here. An exact description of the route can be found here at Maine Trail Finder: Berry Picker’s Trail We are going to head …


Sugarloaf Mountain Hike

Caribou Pond Road Caribou Pond Road, Carrabassett Valley , ME

This newly-added hike will be up Sugarloaf Mountain on July 30th! The hike is rated as strenuous (the highest on the scale) and it should not be underestimated how steep the climb is up the Appalachian Trail to the junction with the side trail up Sugarloaf.  More information about this hike can be found here: Maine …


Goose Eye Mountain Hike

Wright Trail G397+CP, Newry, ME

Our latest Community Hike will be up 3,862-foot Goose Eye Mountain in Grafton Notch on Saturday, August 20th at 9am!  For many years this mountain was only accessible for a day hike by heading over to New Hampshire at Success Pond Road.  The Wright Trail, an official Appalachian Trail side trail, was constructed to provide …


Moxie Bald Mountain Hike

Moxie Bald Mountain Trailhead 65X9+WF5, Caratunk, ME

Our next Community Hike will be on Sunday, August 28th at 9am up Moxie Bald Mountain.  This is a new hike we are offering this year which features prominent views of MATLT's Bald Mountain Pond conservation project! This hike is rated as vigorous with a distance of approximately 4.7 miles each way, for a total …


Saddleback Mountain

This hike will be and out and back via the A.T. from the Route 4 parking area!


Four Ponds Hike

Height of Land R7QQ+3X5, Rangeley Plantation, ME