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Maine A.T. Land Trust Welcomes Two New Board Members

The Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust is pleased to welcome two additions to the Board of Directors!  Sasha Nyary (left) is a writer and editor who has lived almost her entire life in cities. In 2020 she was based in Holyoke, Massachusetts, when the pandemic allowed her to work remotely. So she moved to Maine to be with her wife in New Gloucester. She started a communications business, became a member of the Executive and Marketing committees at the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, and is learning to fish.  Sasha comes to the organization through its connection to the Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) which is the volunteer nonprofit corporation responsible for the management, maintenance and protection of the A.T. in Maine.

We are also pleased to welcome Lucy Santerre (right).  Lucy also moved to Maine in 2020, to work one season on a small organic farm, but the beauty of the A.T. and its surrounding trails near the Hundred Mile Wilderness convinced her to stay. She currently works in development and communications for the York County Domestic Violence Resource Center and provides programmatic support at the American Philosophical Association. Lucy lives with her husband at the beach in southern Maine.

Both of Lucy and Sasha have hit the ground running and will be involved in helping the Maine A.T. Land Trust with development, marketing and communications.  Both are also eager to get out in the wonderful places in the A.T. region of Maine and help with trail maintenance, stewardship and land management responsibilities!

The Maine A.T. Land Trust is always looking for volunteers to help protect land along the A.T. in Maine for public benefit.  We have trail maintainers, land stewards, attorneys, planners, graphic designers, fundraisers, foresters and retirees who help with this work.  If you are interested in joining us, reach out at info@matlt.org or 207-808-2073.  Whatever your skillset or interest, we can make it work!