Berry Pickers’ Trail Report

Alpine heath community on the upper part of the trail, with Mount Abraham on the horizon.
Dave Field at The Erratic.
Alpine blueberry (Vaccinium boreale).
View from the trail to the southeast.
Alpine sandwort (Minuartia groenlandica)

Maine A.T. Land Trust Executive Director Simon Rucker had the opportunity to once again traverse the Berry Pickers’ Trail up the east side of Saddleback Mountain recently.  The purpose of the trip was to help Dave Field, longtime Maine Appalachian Trail Club volunteer and the man who relocated most of Maine’s 281 miles of Appalachian Trail to where it is today, flag the route of what will be a blue-blazed official Appalachian Trail side trail.  He is also the author of Along Maine’s Appalachian Trail.  Dave will be in charge of clearing the route, which should be finished in about a month if all goes well.

The Berry Pickers’ Trail will start in the Orbeton Stream conservation easement area and follow a ridge between Saddleback Mountain and The Horn for a distance of approximately 3.2 miles, depending on how far up a disused logging road your vehicle can get, up to the Appalachian Trail.  The route was flagged to ensure that two plant species (Alpine blueberry and Mountain sandwort) and would not be endangered by the placement of the trail.

Dave will be in charge of the crews clearing the Berry Pickers’ Trail and we are currently looking for volunteers for the weekend of July 30th and perhaps beyond.  If you would like to help out, please contact us at 207-808-2073 or  We are in need of Chainsaw Safety certified volunteers!