Redington Forest Stewardship Report

Nice ending.
Black Nubble.
Trails and roads were wet and overgrown.
Flat! Make sure you have good tires if you venture out on logging roads.

The Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust had our final visit on the ground, rather than in the air, to the soon-to-be completed Redington Forest conservation easement area.  As a co-holder of the easement with the U.S. Navy via the REPI program, it is our responsibility to ensure that the baseline documentation is completed prior to the closing of the deal.  This effectively means that we are taking a snapshot – through photos but also data and analysis – of what the property looks like when it is conserved.  This will ensure that we, as stewards of the land in perpetuity, have an accurate picture of the conservation values we are aiming to protect.  In fifty years, people should be able to look to the baseline as a document by which stewardship standards can continue to be measured.

It’s also fun and exciting to get out on a new project area and do some exploring!  Just make sure that your truck has good tires when you head out on remote logging roads.  Thanks to board member Claire Polfus and board vice president Pete McKinley for coming along!