Welcoming Three New Board Members

The Maine A.T. Land Trust is VERY pleased to announce the addition of three new directors who will have a big impact on the organization in the years to come.  The board of this organization is comprised of individuals who have professional skills that contribute to the work of conservation of the the Appalachian Trail region in Maine.  As you might expect, there are trail maintainers and ecologists and former thru-hikers on the board who shape the science and resource management of lands along the A.T. corridor.  But there are also many directors who help the Maine A.T. Land Trust in ways that aren’t always apparent when you are out on a trail, or paddling on a pond, or snowshoeing through the woods.  This board has conservation finance experts who help us navigate complicated land transactions and tax issues.  It has attorneys who have decades of experience that they can put to use when we acquire a property interest.  It has marketing and development professionals who ensure that this relatively small nonprofit can have an outsized impact from the local to the national level.

The new board members include Mary, who works for Conservation Law Foundation in Boston; Katie, who is a healthcare manager at Maine Medical Center in Portland; and Kayla, Lead Analyst of Strategic Sourcing at Pemberton & Associates.  They will provide valuable skills in outreach, marketing and guidance conservation-related issues.  All three are eager to get out in the landscape for stewardship duties and community hikes, too!

Please join us in welcoming Mary, Katie and Kayla to the board of the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust!

For information on all of the board of directors, please head to this page.