In Memory of Former MATLT Executive Director Carole Haas (1950-2024)

Former Executive Director Carole Hass, who was the organization’s first staff hire and then led MATLT until her retirement in 2013, passed away in January. “Carole was very loyal and dedicated to MATLT and important to its early success,” said former MATLT board president Bill Plouffe, and “she was instrumental in getting MATLT started,” said director Lloyd Griscom.

Prior to leading this organization, Haas served for three years as chair of the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club and was involve in the national branch’s Wildlands Committee. She also served on the board of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust and on the town’s Conservation Commission. Haas’ tenure with MATLT began in 2007 and in short order the organization was working on large, complex, conservation projects along the A.T. in Maine, most notably in the High Peaks region. According to her obituary, Carole’s most treasured achievement was overseeing the Crocker Mountain project that preserved spectacular views for Appalachian Trail hikers. This was quickly followed by the Orbeton Stream Conservation Easement project, and the groundwork was set for several others.

Without Carole’s leadership, MATLT would not be the organization it is today. Her dedication to protecting the A.T. landscape in Maine is infused in the organization’s culture and success, and her legacy remains an example for all of us to strive for.