#WEOUTSIDE Winter Edition – Downhill Skiing at Mt. Abram

On the slopes!
Gearing up…?
Nice undercast to start the day.

The #WEOUTSIDE crew was at it again for more winter adventures, this time teaming up with Mt. Abram, one of Maine’s beloved smaller ski areas. Despite the rough winter in terms of actual winter, the ski area had more than enough snow on their closing weekend for the #WEOUTSIDE crew to get out on the slopes. Special thanks to Kevin, Allie, Lori and all the instructors who worked with us.

Some of the kids have been attending high school and had been skiing at Mt. Abram just a week before, so they jumped out of the van and went right up the chairlift. One of the goals of the #WEOUTSIDE program is not just to introduce these New Mainers to everything the Maine outdoors has to offer (in all seasons), but to ensure that they have a path to advance in their interests for their benefit and the benefit of all Mainers. The last thing we want are kids sitting at home, thinking of the great experience they had skiing that time, but being unable to pursue other opportunities to ski, or unable to fill lift operator or ski patrol positions because of the gap in knowledge for all parties.

The new skiers took to things pretty readily and by the early afternoon everybody was going up and down on the West Side chairlift…and up and down…and up and down. Staff were having so much fun that lunch wasn’t served until 2pm. After that…up and down…up and down. Mais um! One more! They all said, until the chairlift was shut down and nobody was around. Even then, some kids took to taking off their skis and walking up the magic carpet slope for a bit more fun before leaving.

Every week we say, “that trip was the most fun yet”, but the truth is they are all the best.