#WEOUTSIDE Winter – A Visit to Indian Island

Tami leads the way.

The #WEOUTSIDE crew recently paid a visit to Indian Island, home of the Penobscot Nation, to learn about how the natural world all around us informs Wabanaki perspective and lifeways. We were SO fortunate to have our guide, Tami, leading us on some of the trails around the island. Tami is in the Nation’s Department of Agriculture. We learned about how some plants all around us – cedar, black ash, spruce, and more – can be used as medicine and in ceremonies. The kids – who are very curious about native cultures and religions – were quick to ask questions about Gluskabe at his statue, or about what the Natural Resources officers do, or how ancestors were honored. Tami was gracious enough to take us to the new farm property the Nation acquired recently, and to show us all the work that has been done to prepare for growing season.

It was a wonderful way to wrap up the #WEOUTSIDE Winter season!